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Business Secuirty Systems
Monitored Burglary
Receive 24/7 of protection through Applied Communications Monitoring Center.
Includes protection for entrances such as doors and windows, as well as infrared
motion detection.
Fire Monitoring
As soon as a fire or smoke detector signals an alarm, the signal is transmitted to the
Applied Communications Customer Monitoring Center and your local fire
department is notified - even when you’re not home.
Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
Our specialized detectors will trigger a load siren in your home if danger levels of
this “silent killer” are detected. The Applied Communications Monitoring Center is
also alerted.
And More...
Applied Communications also offers water level and temperature monitoring and a
secondary communication system for your alarm equipment such as cellular and
internet backup units.

Stop crime before it happens. Protect your business and office against burglary, robbery and
intruders with the Applied Communications Ltd. intrusion detection system.
For over 30 years, Applied Communications has been developing proven solutions enabling you to
considerably reduce your financial losses and enhance the security of retail stores (pharmacies,
clothing stores, jewellery stores, music stores, liquor stores, service stations, sports stores). Many
high-profile companies trust our protection. Whatever the type or size of your business, you can
count of our experience, knowledge and products.